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Card Name Card Type # of Copies
CS-Attkicon.png Coral Katana (Kickstarter Exclusive) Attack Spell 2
CS-Attkicon.png Venomous Strike (Kickstarter Exclusive) Attack Spell 2
CS-Attkicon.png Warp Drop (Kickstarter Exclusive) Attack Spell 3
CS-CompanionCards.png Ravaging Draco (Currently in print) Companion 1
CS-CompanionCards.png Dark Flutter (Kickstarter Exclusive) Companion 1
CS-CompanionCards.png Hammerhead Harvester (Kickstarter Exclusive) Companion 1
CS-CompanionCards.png Lil' Shadow (Kickstarter Exclusive) Companion 1
CS-CompanionCards.png Vital Shroom (Kickstarter Exclusive) Companion 1
CS-ConvSpellCard.png Gem Alchemy (Kickstarter Exclusive) Conversion Spell 1
CS-ConvSpellCard.png Orb Alchemy (Kickstarter Exclusive) Conversion Spell 1
CS-CounterCards.png Fly Away (Kickstarter Exclusive) Counterspell 1
CS-CounterCards.png Unexpected Attack (Kickstarter Exclusive) Counterspell 1
CS-CounterCards.png Worst Curse (Kickstarter Exclusive) Counterspell 1
CS-ResourceCards.png 2 Shadow Fragments (Kickstarter Exclusive) Resource 1
CS-ResourceCards.png Purple Gem (Kickstarter Exclusive) Resource 2
CS-ResourceCards.png Purple Orb (Kickstarter Exclusive) Resource 1
Reference Card Reference Card 2