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Counterspell cards are found in the Counterspell deck and allow you to surprise your enemies. You may only Collect Counterspell cards from the Dusty Desert Hex tile. To Collect a Counterspell card, spend 1 Action point, 1 Gem of any color, and 1 Orb of any color before taking 1 card from the top of the Counterspell deck. Look at it in secret, then add it face down to your Spell Book.

Each Counterspell card includes a trigger in its effect that tells you when you may use it. To use a Counterspell card’s effect, reveal it when the trigger occurs. Using a Counterspell card does not cost an Action point.

Some additional notes about Counterspell cards:

  • You may only use 1 Counterspell card in response to each trigger.
  • If multiple players use Counterspell cards in response to the same Action, the player whose turn it is next will use their Counterspell card’s effect first. Continue resolving the Counterspell card effects in turn order.
  • You may look at any Counterspell card in your Spell Book at any time (but keep it secret!).
  • Counterspell cards do not go in the discard pile. After you use a Counterspell card, move it to the bottom of the Counterspell deck.

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