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[[File:TTK-Preview.jpg|left|250px]]=='''Tic Tac KO: Dragons vs. Unicorns Base Game'''==
[[File:TTK-Preview.jpg|left|250px]]'''==Tic Tac KO: Dragons vs. Unicorns Base Game=='''

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==Tic Tac KO: Dragons vs. Unicorns Base Game==


  • Divide your friends into two teams to duke it out in the ultimate brawl!
  • Tic Tac K.O. is a quick-to-learn card game that puts a diabolical twist on Tic Tac Toe, letting you smack your opponents to the side as you claim squares in your quest for victory.
  • Are you Team Dragon or Team Unicorn? These adorably ruthless creatures won’t hesitate to destroy their opponents with fire, lightning, or a swift kick in the patoot.
  • This highly giftable game takes 30–60 minutes to play and is for 2–4 players (recommended for ages 8+).

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