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If I have multiple cards which require targets for their effects, can I select the same target twice?

  • If multiple triggered effects require a target, the same card may not be selected twice in the same link.
  • If there are not enough cards to target, you may only trigger as many effects as you have options for targets.
  • You must select targets for mandatory effects before selecting targets for optional effects.
  • A valid target MUST be chosen,if available. Cards that have immunity from specific effects cannot be chosen as the target of that effect. A target of a specific card type can only target that card type.

Player Targeting
Cards use specific terminology when referring to players.

  • Any player refers to any single player, including you.
  • Another player refers to any single player, excluding you.
  • Each player refers to every player, including you.
  • Any number of players refers to as many players as you choose, excluding you. (Even though this statement has been omitted from recent rulesheets it is still the intent of the effect.)

Gameplay Terminology