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This statement is a conditional effect based on unknown factors that could already be in effect from Cards already in Player stables. This terminology appears in the rule sheet and on this wiki to describe these unknown factors that cannot be addressed due to the game status.

This statement doesn't allow the interpretation that cards overrule the rule sheet or other card text, it is used to convey that gameplay may change depending on the game status.

Examples: Hand Limit is determined at the game start of seven cards, however during gameplay Extradimensional Saddlebag would change this limit for this game only and only while the card is in a Stable.

The choice of "choosing any player" gives you the choice of all players in the game, this only allows you to choose a player it will NOT change other defined rules within that Stable, (Yes) a player could make the choice to pick themselves but then could NOT Destroy a Unicorn in that Stable.

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