Unstable Unicorns Expansion - Rainbow Sprinkles - Kickstarter - Inventory List

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Card Name Card Type # of Copies
Baby Unicorn (Flowers) Baby Unicorn 1
Baby Unicorn (Sparkles) Baby Unicorn 1
Horse With An Ice Cream Cone Basic Unicorn 3
Innocent Bunnicorn Basic Unicorn 3
Adorable Flying Unicorn Magical Unicorn 1
Cotton Candy Llamacorn Magical Unicorn 1
Glitter Unicorn Magical Unicorn 1
The Magical Pugicorn Magical Unicorn 2
The Tiniest Unicorn Magical Unicorn 1
Unicorn Rainbow Princess Magical Unicorn 1
A Cute Attack Magic 2
Sharing Is Caring Magic 1
Unicorn Nap Magic 2
Zombie Apocalypse Magic 1
Neigh, Thank You Instant 3
Rainbow Sprinkles Upgrade 2
Special Delivery Upgrade 2
Cupcakes For Everyone Downgrade 1
Tiny Hooves Downgrade 1