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2017 Unstable Unicorns Kickstarter

This is where our story begins, TeeTurtle introduced us to the fantastic world of Unstable Unicorns! It started in AUGUST 16, 2017 and very quickly grew in popularity! TeeTurtle aimed for a goal of $10,000 and met that goal in 1hour11min...


By the end of the campaign there were 71 Backercorns, an awesome 135 card base deck and 3x 27 card expansions! And a completed final Campaign total of $1,865,140 with over 33,000 backers!

2018 Daring Contest Kickstarter

Shortly after Unstable Unicorns landed on our doorsteps, TeeTurtle brought us another game with a very different concept... Daring your friends! Again they aimed for a goal of $10,000 and met their goal ending the campaign with 2 Base decks (1 SFW & 1 NSFW) 3 expansion packs and a hand full of exclusive cards!

2018 Unstable Unicorns Kickstarter

In August of 2018 TeeTurtle launched a brand new Unstable Unicorns Kickstarter, feature again all of our favorite artists bringing us a very interactive campaign as backers were very much relied on for ideas for new Unicorn art and names for 2 Kickstarter Exclusive base decks. This was met with great enthusiasm by backers. TeeTurtle aimed for a goal of $10,000 and ended with a total of $2,069,100 with over 22,000 backers. This campaign brought us 2 base decks, a collectors art book, a large collectors box to store our unicorns and more playmats!

2019 Runes & Regulations Kickstarter

In April 2019 TeeTurtle launched another new game with another different concept, this campaign had some backer interaction but not nearly as much as the Control and Chaos campaign some months prior. The goal was again $10,000 and again the goal was quickly met. While not quite as popular as Unstable Unicorns, Runes and Regulations made a final campaign total of $672,450 with over 9,500 backers.

2020 Here To Slay Kickstarter

January 2020 TeeTurtle launches a 5th kickstarter, a game with a more dnd feel. Hear To Slay, the kickstarter exploded with a huge quick pledge base. Hitting over 800k in less then 5 days. One difference in the introduction to this Kickstarter, TeeTurtle allowed several hundred previous backers to play test prior to the launch of the kickstarter.

2022 Casting Shadows Kickstarter

2023 Command of Nature Kickstarter

May 30th 2023 Ramy launched his 7th kickstarter, CNAT is a deckbuilder game. This kickstarter reached it's target in 13 minutes from the launch. This kickstarter featured multiple live streams to allow backers to see the game in action and get a peak at the cards. This is also the first kickstarter that Ramy and his team decided to allow previous KSE game components to be re-released.