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Welcome to the Unstable Games Wiki, this Wiki will encompass ALL the Games Released by Tee Turtle
This wiki is endorsed by the owner/creator of Unstable Games :)

Please be aware this wiki is very graphic intense, many of the images are quite large. Images are not for redistribution/reproduction.

We had some issues during server migration and are in process of scouring the wiki for broken links/images, please feel free to contact me (Shicala) on discord if you find an image that needs to be reuploaded/repaired

Also we are aware of the 503 errors that the site has been experiencing and are workin on dealing with the issue asap.

Recent Kickstarter Updates

Command of Nature is in FULLFILLMENT!!! (April 5 2024)

United States- All of these are shipping out of our St. Louis facility, and we are flying through fulfillment with over 80% of orders shipped already! We expect to get the remaining orders out the door by the end of next week 🤩Note: your tracking notifications are sent from with the subject line “Your items for Command of Nature have shipped!”. You can also sign up for notifications directly from FedEx here!

Canada, Asia, and Africa- Inventory has been received by our fulfillment partners as of this week, and fulfillment is set to start! If you live in one of these areas, you can expect to receive tracking for your order within the next 4-6 weeks :)

Europe (including UK), Australia, & New Zealand- These containers have experienced the longest delays, but we are finally seeing movement and our fulfillment partners are ready to start shipping orders as soon as they receive inventory. We anticipate fulfillment will start in a few weeks, but we still plan for all orders to be shipped out before the end of May. Stay tuned for more updates!