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Disclaimer: This is a collection of user made items, please do not message asking for your stuff to be posted, this is Shica's list of quality stuff has collected that others have made and she wants to share.

Tabletop Simulator Mods

created by UUGE Nir Phili

this is not for editting and reposting, but only for enjoyment :)
This mod contains all of Unstable Unicorns card created to date (January 24th, 2021).

  • It includes
  • First Edition Base Deck
  • Second Edition Base Deck
  • NSFW Base Deck
  • Control and Chaos Kickstarter Exclusive Decks
  • Travel Edition

  • NSFW Expansion
  • Unicorns of Legends Expansion
  • Rainbow Apocalyspe Expansion
  • Dragons Expansion
  • Christmas Expansion
  • Adventures Expansion
  • Vinyl Blind Bags Set

Exclusive Cards:

  • Original Kickstarter Cards (1st Print including Sharing is Caring)
  • The Convention Exclusive Cards
  • The Gamestop Exclusive Card
  • The C&C Campaign Donation Exclusive Card
  • Runes & Regulations Campaign Exclusive Card

[Get The Mod!] meant for [Tabletop Simulator]

Unstable Unicorn Playmats

Playmats created by TeeTurtle measure 8 3/4 inches by 20 3/4 inches.

By "Ronnie S. (Ja Dore)"

Discord ID: Ja Dore#4637

01-UU-8x20 th.png
[Full Image]

02-UU-8x20 th.png
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03-UU-8x20 th.png
[Full Image]

04-UU-8x20 th.png
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05-UU-8x20 th.png
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06-UU-8x20 th.png
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07-UU-8x20 th.png
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08-UU-8x20 th.png
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09-UU-8x20 th.png
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10-UU-8x20 th.png
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11-UU-8x20 th.png
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12-UU-8x20 th.png
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13-UU-8x20 th.png
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14-UU-8x20 th.png
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By "James Goodwin"

Goodwin-playmat th.png
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By "Jose Luis Esquivel"

JoseLuis-playmat1 th.png
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JoseLuis-playmat2 th.png
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JoseLuis-playmat3 th.png
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JoseLuis-playmat4 th.png
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JoseLuis-playmat5 th.png
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JoseLuis-playmat6 th.png
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Custom Unstable Unicorn Cards

By "This Guy"

Discord ID: This Guy#2671
Preview >>All<<

By "Daden Mott"

Discord ID: Daden Mott#9295
Based primarily on the backercorns of the 2017 & 2018 Campaigns
Preview >>All<<

By "James Goodwin"

Discord ID: ? Facebook Name: James Goodwin

Custom Unstable Unicorn Rules

By "Daden Mott"

Discord ID: Daden Mott#9295
Custom Game Concept by Daden.



Counted Cross Stitch Patterns

By Sophie Witts

Custom-SWCCS-CantTalk.png Custom-SWCCS-GoodFood.png Custom-SWCCS-MySide.png Custom-SWCCS-StrongerTogether.png Custom-SWCCS-WorriesAway.png
Custom-SWCCS-NeverFear.png Custom-SWCCS-NoDrinky.png Custom-SWCCS-DragonBody.png Custom-SWCCS-WashYourHands.png Custom-SWCCS-UniDeath.png

Custom HtS GamePlay and Mats

By Sergio Gran Sol

HtS Single Player Tavern Attack Rules

Full Image

Full Image

Central Mats (Full Collection)

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Full Image

Full Image

Full Image

Full Image

Full Image

Player Mats (Full Collection)

Full Image

Full Image

Full Image

Full Image

Full Image

Full Image

Here To Slay Rule Variants

By: Benjamin Chason-Sokol

Portal Madness (pdf)
Portal Madness is a Here to Slay single player variant. A portal has opened from an evil dimension and threatening monsters and villains have begun to pour through. Destroy evil heroes and the monsters they guard in order to take down the portal and win! But if the portal gets too powerful, you'll lose everything

Here To Slay House Rules Reference Cards

By: Valdus

Quote from Reddit:

Since the expansions, for SOME reason, did not include new reference cards with the added classes or updated rules, and the existing reference cards were a little wanting, I made new ones.

TLDR: I made new reference cards for myself, then went overboard making sure every version that most people could want is covered.

I've generated new reference cards for:

  • Retail base game (6 classes)
  • Retail base + Warriors & Druids Expansion (8 classes)
  • Retail base + Berserkers & Necromancers Expansion (8 classes)
  • Retail base + Both Expansions (10 classes)
  • Retail base + Both Expansions (10 classes) with 8-classes-to-win adjustment
  • Kickstarter base game (7 classes)
  • Kickstarter base + Warriors & Druids Expansion (9 classes)
  • Kickstarter base + Berserkers & Necromancers Expansion (9 classes)
  • Kickstarter base + Both Expansions (11 classes)
  • Kickstarter base + Both Expansions (11 classes) with 8-classes-to-win adjustment

Sound good? Just wait - every one of the above is pre-generated in PDFs in three layouts:

  • Original Size and Layout (nearly identical to the original card, as close as I could make it)
  • Original Size, New Layout
  • Tarot Size, New Layout, w/ Gameplay Terms and Modifier/Challenge info included for new players

The PDFs are at card size plus a 2mm margin all around with crop marks, so that you can easily pass them off to a professional printer if you desire, or print and cut by hand without worry of white edges. I cut mine a little wider than the crop marks so they fit tighter in the sleeve. I decided to do it this way rather than on letter-sized pages because it would be easier for other people to edit the source files to their liking without messing things up. The downside to this is that we lose the option to easily print them "booklet" style, but chances are if you are printing on plain paper and doing a booklet, you are putting it in a sleeve - so you can just use a piece of tape to hold the two pieces straight and slide them into a sleeve anyway. Any PDF software will let you print as many copies on a single page as you can fit, by the way.

The source files are also set up so that picky people can easily adjust the background and outline colour to match their cards (every print run has different colouring - we bought two copies and one was much more vibrant than the other), as well as the tarot-sized version having a few variants including one that leaves off the new player help text in favour of a big space for your custom house rules.

Here are some examples:
Example of original-style and -size cards with all 11 classes, and optional 8-class-to-win rule. (All other cards have the normal 6 or 7 requirement.)
Original Style

Original size, with adjustments to the text to try and make it clearer for new players.
Revamped Style

Tarot sized (same as the white/black cards), with newer text and a better reference for new players. This one includes a special win condition I added for a laugh at our game group. There is also a variant which makes the Class icons larger (same size as the other cards) and eliminates the help text in favour of House Rules.
Tarot Card Style

Wrong Party Boards by Matt Weist

WrongPARTY PlayerMat.png
Full Image
WrongPARTY PlayerMat 2up.png
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WrongPARTY ScoreBoard.png
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