EL - Naga The Serpentine

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Oversized Card
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Oversized Card

Main Information

Card Type: Water
Max HP: 12
Strength: 3

Bane Ability: Each time any player's Hero with a Water-type bane token on it is in a Champion or Support position during that player's Beginning or Turn phase, add 1 damage counter to that Hero.
Team Ability: When your Champion is precise attacked, roll 1d6. On 6, negate the damage.
Champion Ability: [Choose One] When Naga the Serpentine precise attacks, add 1 bane token to its target. -OR- When Naga the Serpentine mass attacks, it gains 3 Strength.
Support Ability: [Choose One] Spend 1MP to add 1 bane token to each of any player's Supports. -OR- Spend 2MP to add 3 bane tokens distributed amongst any number of Heroes.

*March 2019 Gamestop.com - Quantity of card: 1

Specific Card Rules and Information