Exiled Legends - FAQ

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When attacking with a Champion that only has 1 Strength, can you choose between using a precise attack or mass attack?

Yes, you may choose whether your attack counts as a mass attack or a precise attack. However, because a mass attack can only hit a Support after first targeting that Support's Champion, so whether you choose a mass attack or a precise attack, that 1 damage counter will be targeting an enemy Champion.

When a bane token is removed from a Hero or a Hero with a bane token on it is destroyed, what happens to the bane token?

The bane token is returned to the player who originally added it to that Hero. They are never discarded/removed from the game permanently.

What happens when you mass attack and your Hero's Strength is greater than the number of targetable Heroes?

Mass attacks always apply 1 damage counter to each target they hit. If your Hero's Strength exceeds the number of targets you have, the extra damage is not used.

Can you use the action "Spend 1MP to return a Support without damage counters or bane tokens to the bottom of your Team deck and flip the top card of your Team deck face up to replace it" to withdraw your Legend once it has moved into Support position?

It is rare that you would be able to do this, since this action requires you to have at least one Hero in your Team deck (to swap your Support with) and your Legend can only be used as a Hero after your Team deck is exhausted. However, if you are able to add Heroes to your Team deck while your Legend is in Support position, you may use this action to withdraw your Legend as long as your Champion position and both of your Support positions would be filled with other Heroes in your Legend’s absence.

What should I do if I run out of bane tokens?

If you run out of bane tokens, you may substitute other small items, such as paper clips or coins, to serve as bane token substitutes.

If I don't use my Myth Points on my turn, do they roll over into my next turn?

No, Myth Points do not roll over. The maximum number of MP you may have on any given turn is 2.

If I have a card that can mimic other cards' Support abilities, can I use it to mimic one or both of a Legend's Support abilities?

Yes. You may choose to use either of the Legend’s Support abilities, but you may not use both of them on a single turn.

If I destroy another player's Legend, but they still have Heroes in play, do I have to destroy the other Heroes before winning?

No. No matter how many of their Heroes remain in play, a player is defeated when their Legend is destroyed.