UU - Dragon's Fire

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Deck: Dragons Expansion
Edition: 2nd Edition
Type: Magic Card
Status: Available

Card Texts

Card Releases

Specific Card Rules and Information

  • This card has requirement effect text that may prevent playing the card.
    • A legitimate card must be sacrificed or destroyed or you cannot play the card.
  • An updated text version changes how this card is played or changes the effect caused during gameplay from previous discontinued text versions.
    • 2nd Edition Only an upgrade card can be destroyed. Only a downgrade card can be sacrificed.
    • Second Print Either an upgrade or downgrade card can be destroyed or sacrificed.

Authenticity Notes

Localizations of this Card

UU-Drag-008-SP.png Spanish 2nd Edition
Fuego De Dragón
Carta da Magia
DESTRUYE una carta de Ventaja o SACRIFICA una carta de Desvataja.

Evolution of this Card