UU - The Black Spot

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Deck: Adventures Expansion
Edition: 2nd Edition
Type: Downgrade Card
Status: Available

Card Texts

  • 2nd Edition: You cannot win the game if you have a Basic Unicorn card in your Stable.

Card Releases

  • August 2020 - Adventurer Expansion Pack Quantity of card: 1

Specific Card Rules and Information

  • This card has no requirement effect text that prevents playing the card.
  • When in a stable; with a Basic Unicorn card, This card adds a requirement: You can NOT win the game. Even if all other players concede! You cannot win! (Unless Dragon's Blessing is in the stable also.)
  • This card has no effect text that changes a card's type. Example; A Basic Unicorn card will always be a Basic Unicorn card.

Authenticity Notes

Localizations of this Card

UU-Adv-033-SP.png Spanish 2nd Edition
Mancha Negra
Carta da Desvantaja
No puedes ganar la partida si tienes al menos una carta de Unicornio básico en tu Establo.

Evolution of this Card