Unstable Unicorns - Exclusive Cards

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Exclusive cards from the Kickstarter, Convention booth or exclusive retailer purchase. All are Icon-magical.pngMagical Unicorn cards.

A new convention card has been created for 2024. Sugar Raid Unicorn will still be available at conventions until it runs out, but it is not guaranteed to be available in 2024.

UU-Excl-002.png UU-KSE-007.png UU-KSE-006.png UU-KSE-001.png UU-Excl-001.png UU-KSE-002.png UU-KSE-003.png UU-KSE-004.png UU-KSE-005.png UU-Excl-003.png UU-Excl-005-V.png UU-Excl-004-V.pngUU-Excl-006-V.pngUU-Excl-007-V.png

Specific Information

Kickstarter Exclusivity Statement - Command of Nature Kickstarter update #8 June 7, 2023

"Based on your feedback, we’ve decided to bring back exclusives from our former projects that impact gameplay while keeping other accessory items exclusive to their original campaigns at this time. We will also be adding a 2nd edition symbol to all the cards in each of these games out of consideration to those who backed the original projects in hopes of preserving the value and first-edition exclusivity. We thought this was a great compromise solution that a lot of our fans suggested to allow fans who missed the original projects to still get access to all the characters and cards that they can’t get anywhere else!"

The decision to Reprint previous Kickstarter exclusives during Kickstarter campaigns still makes them Kickstarter exclusive. It also doesn't guarantee that they will be available in future Kickstarter projects.

Counterfeit 2017 Kickstarter Exclusive Card Sets have been on the market since release, these cards are slightly smaller than authentic versions.


The authentic The Horniest Unicorn card has a white "notch" to the left of the unicorn horn in the "blue" magical unicorn icon. (as shown in the picture)

The authentic 2017 Kickstarter Exclusive Card Set came in a resealable plastic bag, NOT shrink wrapped.