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CSHex-CrystalCrypt-2.png Crystal Crypt

If you start your turn on this Hex tile, add a Gem to your Resource Pool. If an enemy deals DMG to you while you're on this Hex tile, you cannot reduce that DMG
Q: The Crystal Crypt is confusing how does it work
A: The Crystal Crypt tile prevents the player on it from reducing incoming DMG by any means. For example, if Player A were to deal 3 DMG to Player B, and Player B had the Pointed Shield Counterspell card, they could play that card to reduce the incoming DMG from 3 to 1. However, if Player B was standing on the Crystal Crypt. Player B's Pointed Shield would have no effect when played - Player B would take the full 3 DMG whether they play their Counterspell card or not.

Tile shortcut should read

+CS-PurpGem.png, NO DMG REDUCED.

CSHex-GlimmeringWoods-2.png Glimmering Woods

If you start your turn on this Hex tile, you may move an enemy from an adjacent Hex tile to your Hex tile.
This Hex tile is Iris Pipillon's Home Hex tile.
CS-Iris1.png CSHex-GlimmeringWoods-1.png CSHex-GlimmeringWoods-1b.png

CSHex-CoralRidge-2.png Coral Ridge

If you start your turn on this Hex tile, you may spend 1 additional Action point this turn. You may not Reroll Resource dice this turn.
This Hex tile is Tusk Swiftwave's Home Hex tile.
CS-Tusk1.png CSHex-CoralRidge-1.png CSHex-CoralRidge-1b.png

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