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Who Created All These Games?

The BRILLIANT Minds and Artists of [Tee Turtle] created every game shown on this site.

Where Can I Get These Games?

Unstable Unicorns and it's smaller expansions are purchasable at Amazon, teeturtle.com, and walmart. You can also find them in some other locations, but be wary of counterfeits, if the game price seems too good to be true, it likely is. The KS Exclusive cards were only available from the KS campaigns. Gamercorn is only available with the base deck through Same Stop, and Cosplay Unicorn is from the TeeTurtle booth at convensions. Chaos and Control were KS Exclusive expansions. Llamas Unleashed is available from TeeTurtle.com and from some TT's KS campaigns. Daring Contest is primarily available from the KS campaigns so far. Scram is on Amazon.com as well as TeeTurtle.com. Exiled Legends is From Game Stop as well as Teeturtle.com. Runes & Regulations is currently in the Kickstarter phase.

Who Maintains This Wiki?

Shicala (KSGE) and Wyvern Wrath (KSGE) are the creators and maintainers of this Wiki.

Will You Scan the Unstable Unicorns: Control and Chaos Kickstarter Art Book?

No, creating a resource of the cards and information related to them is one thing. Scanning a published book in its entirety is completely a different matter, so unless TeeTurtle's owner/founder Ramy (For which he has said "No" to) gives explicit permission for the book to be scanned and posted it will not be posted to this wiki

Can I Print These Cards I Can't Afford Them/Get Them Where I Live?

Our stance on this is simple. IF and ONLY if you are planning to just use the printouts for PERSONAL use and NO profit. We have no issues with you printing an image for your gameplay.