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Betray Your Friends. Unicorns Are Your Friends Now. Unstable Unicorns is a strategic card game about everyone’s two favorite things: Destruction and Unicorns. Designed by the creator of TeeTurtle, Unstable Unicorns features a combination of stellar artwork and carefully calibrated gameplay for an infuriatingly magical experience. Through a combination of unicorn trickery and blind faith, the TeeTurtle team raised over $1,800,000 on the First KickStarter and over $2,000,000 on the newest Kickstarter to make Unstable Unicorns a reality! But trust in this.... this game is f***ing awesome. With rules for 2-8 players and multiple killer expansions & base decks, Unstable Unicorns will be your new game night go-to.

The October 2021 release of the Nightmares expansion introduces a new mechanic never before seen in Unstable Unicorns! If you are directed to remove a card from the game, place that card back in the box. Do not move it to the discard pile, and do not use that card for the rest of the game. If some other supernatural force removes your card from the game, you may attempt to get it back at your own risk.

A new convention card will be created for 2023. Steampunk Unicorn will still be available at conventions until it runs out, but it is not guaranteed to be available in 2023.

Cards - Base Decks

Unstable-unicorns-card-game.jpg Original Base Deck (Out of Print)
UU 2ndEdition Game-Box Left-1000x1000.jpg 2nd Edition Base Deck
Controldeck.png Control Base Deck (Out of Print)
Chaosdeck.png Chaos Base Deck (Out of Print)
UU-NSFW-Base2.jpg NSFW Base Deck
Uu-travel.png Travel Deck
UU-for-Kids-Box.png Unstable Unicorns For Kids

Cards - Expansion Decks/Cards

Nsfw-expansion-pack-unstable-unicorns 1024x1024@2x.jpgNSFW Expansion Pack
Rainbow-apocalypse-box.jpg Rainbow Apocalypse Expansion Pack(s)
Dragons-expansion-tuck.jpg Dragons Expansion Pack
Legend1.png Unicorns of Legend Expansion Pack
Uu adventures big.jpg Adventures Expansion Pack
UU Christmas front.jpg Christmas Expansion Pack
UU-Nightmares-Box.png Nightmares Expansion Pack

Individual Cards

Exclusive Cards
Unstable Unicorns - Blind Box Vinyl - Card Set

Resources & Information

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