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The play area in front of "a player" in which Unicorn, Upgrade, and Downgrade cards are played.

  • The stable has no limit of space for cards. Game mats are only a physical representative, these are limited by what space can be printed on them, this has no effect on gameplay.
  • Any effect on an Upgrade card, Downgrade card, or Unicorn card that is not a triggered effect can be assumed to be a continuous effect. A card’s continuous effect is active as long as that card is in a Stable (unless otherwise stated).
  • A stable can have multiple cards of the same name. Each card may have its own requirement effect, which must be fulfilled (if able).
  • A player may choose any card in their stable to fulfill a sacrifice effect (unless otherwise stated).
  • Players are the target for a sacrifice effect, not a card. The targeted player chooses the card they have to sacrifice.
  • A Stable cannot gain immunity, only cards in a stable can gain immunity.
  • Active player chooses the target card in another stable for a destroy effect..

Cards in Your Hand vs. Cards in Your Stable
Unicorn, Upgrade, and Downgrade cards have no effect while they are in your hand. Their effects are only active when they are in your Stable.


""Play"" specifically refers to playing a card from your hand during your Action phase or playing an Instant card at any time.

If you "bring a card directly into your Stable," you do not "play" that card. This means that any card that is brought directly into your Stable cannot be Neigh’d.

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