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Cards are held in a Player's hand, NO other player can see what cards you have in your hand, unless otherwise stated.

  • Even if you are holding zero(0) cards in your Hand you still have the concept of a hand of cards, it is just empty of cards at that moment of gameplay. A player is not "out of the game" nor receives any bonus to draw cards without an effect to do so, when they have no cards in hand.
  • If a requirement requires discarding your hand, you must have at least one card in your hand when playing the card (to meet the requirement).
  • When you "pull" a card, it must be picked randomly. When you "choose" a card, you can look at your options and pick whichever card you want, unless otherwise stated.

Cards in Your Hand vs. Cards in Your Stable
Unicorn, Upgrade, and Downgrade cards have no effect while they are in your hand. Their effects are only active when they are in your Stable.


What do you mean by "hand limit"? The default hand limit is 7, which means each player can only have 7 cards in their hand after the end of their turn. If you're holding more than 7 cards during your End of Turn phase, discard down to that number (unless you have a card in your Stable that says otherwise).

  • The Hand Limit discard only occurs on your turn during the End of Turn Phase after all other effects have resolved.
  • The end of turn hand limit effect is a continuous effect that verifies the Hand after each Discard if you have reached the hand limit. If EOT verifies you have 9 cards in Hand you Discard one card, then EOT verifies the number again, prior to discarding a second card.
  • Cards that effect the size of the Hand Limit are continuous and mandatory.
  • A player cannot end their turn holding more cards than the current limit. If the limit would be below zero (0) it is zero (0) limit.

  • The most recent released replacement text version changes how this card is played or changes the effect caused during gameplay from previous discontinued text versions.
  • Second Print
    • Simplistic: Hand Limit = The lowest value on a card with a hand limit statement, then additional bonus if any.
    • Actual: Hand Limit = All cards with a hand limit statement. (These cards are all continuous and simultaneously active, each card has its own effect continuously active.
  • 2nd Edition
    • All cards that affect the Hand limit now use the text to decrease or increase the limit.
    • Actual: Hand Limit = Default seven(7) Plus(+) or minus(-) any additions or subtractions from cards active in the game.


Some cards specify that they can’t be "affected" by certain things. Cards can be "affected" directly or indirectly. Direct effects target a card individually or as part of a group. Indirect effects require a player to target a card or perform an action that affects a card. If a card states "this card cannot be affected," it is immune to both direct and indirect effects.


"Play" specifically refers to playing a card during your Action phase or playing an Instant card at any time.

If you "bring a card directly into your Stable," you do not "play" that card. This means that any card that is brought directly into your Stable cannot be Neigh’d.


Some card effects allow you to search the deck or the discard pile for a card (ex. "When this card enters your Stable, you may search the deck for a Downgrade card and add it to your hand."). Once you have retrieved that card, you must reveal the card you chose to each other player before adding it to your hand.


If you have a card in your hand that requires you to perform an impossible action, you may not play it. Sometimes, however, the effect of a card in your Stable or a card played by any other player may require you to perform an impossible action. If this situation occurs, disregard that action. Some impossible actions include: [DISCARD] when you have no cards in your hand [SACRIFICE] a card when you have no cards in your Stable [SACRIFICE] a card that cannot be sacrificed

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