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  • You can play a Unicorn card in any player's Stable.

There are 4 sub-types of Unicorn cards:

  • Baby Unicorn cards are Unicorns that only enter a Stable from the Nursery. They are never added to the deck, a player's hand, or the discard pile.
  • Basic Unicorn cards are Unicorns. They don't have any effects, but they might have a special place in your heart.
  • Magical Unicorn cards are Unicorns that have effects. Some have triggered effects, while others have continuous effects.
  • Ultimate Unicorn cards are Unicorns that have effects. Some have triggered effects, while others have continuous effects.
  • Any Magical Unicorn that has effects triggered when it enters a Stable will have those effects triggered every time it enters any player's Stable. If it is temporarily moved to another Stable, when the Magical Unicorn moves back into the original player's Stable, those effects are triggered again for that player.
  • The Unicorn card I just played has an effect that happens if it was in my Stable at the beginning of my turn. Can I use that effect now? Any card that has an effect that begins with the words "If this card is in your Stable at the beginning of your turn..." will have that effect trigger only when the card was physically a part of your Stable when your turn began. Since you brought it into your Stable in the middle of a turn, this means that you'll need to wait until your next turn to use this effect!
  • If I play a Unicorn card on my turn, can I also play another card? Regardless of card type, you can only play one card during your Action phase, so choose wisely! Some card effects do, however, allow you to bring cards directly into your Stable. You can use as many of these effects during a single turn as your cards allow.
  • All Unicorn cards in a Player's Stable count as ONE Unicorn for a game win condition (Unless otherwise stated).
  • If instructed to choose a card type; "Unicorn" is an invalid choice, one of the four sub types must be chosen.
  • A unicorn card that has successfully being played (unneighd) is now a card in that stable and must, therefore, be sacrificed to an effect that triggers requiring a sacrifice if nothing else can meet that requirement.
  • A unicorn card that leaves play to a player's hand or the discard pile is not bound to any previous effect(s). Eg steal

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