UU Game Terminology - Replacement

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A replacement effect contains a statement of an effect that "would" do something and then something is done "instead". This effect statement always ends with the word "instead".

A replacement effect is triggered when another effect "would" happen and a new mandatory replacement effect happens "instead".
  • Multiple replacement effects can trigger in a chain, But a replacement effect will not trigger its own effect. Patient Zero Unicorn, Dread Pirate Unicorn will not continuously replace their own sacrifice and discard effects.
  • Only one replacement effect card take effect on each card effect. Due to the nature of the trigger effect which is replaced no other effect can replace the original effect again (as it no longer exists). If Hypnocorn cancels a replacement effect there is no opportunity to replace that effect again.
  • Replacement effects fulfill the conditions of a requirement effect, the required conditional effect is replaced by the new effect (not negated). Requirements to play a card must be met (to play the card) upon resolution replacement effects may be triggered.

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