UU - Hypnocorn

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Card Texts

  • C&C Print: When any other player tries to trigger a Unicorn card effect, you may DISCARD a card. If you do, stop that effect from triggering.

Card Releases

Specific Card Rules and Information

This card has no requirement preventing the playing of this card.
The card must be placed into a stable during the resolution of the card.
When another player declares their card is triggering (but before it triggers and any requirements are fulfilled), Hypnocorn may be triggered preventing the effect." If a replacement effect is prevented the original effect would then resolve.
A replacement effect is triggered when another effect "would" happen and a new mandatory replacement effect happens "instead". Only one replacement effect card take effect on each card effect. Due to the nature of the trigger effect which is replaced no other effect can replace the original effect again (as it no longer exists).

As part of the 2018 Kickstarter Campaign Control and Chaos cards were designed with input from backers.
Here are some early design images prior to the final print version:
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Evolution of this Card