Convention Cards

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Game Information

Card Card Game Availability
2017 Convention Exclusives
UU-Excl-002.png Cosplay Unicorn Unstable Unicorns Notavail.png
2018 Convention Exclusives
UU-Excl-002-02.png Cosplay Unicorn Unstable Unicorns Notavail.png
2019 Convention Exclusives
UU-Excl-003.png Steampunk Unicorn Unstable Unicorns Notavail.png
EL-CON.png Crane Sensei Exiled Legends Notavail.png
LU-CON.png Cosplay Goaticorn Llamas Unleashed Notavail.png
RR-Exclusive-01.png Ursa Minor Runes & Regulations Notavail.png
2020 Convention Exclusives
No New Cards
2021 Convention Exclusives
HtS-ConCard-01.png The Fierce Panguardian Here To Slay Notavail.png
2022 Convention Exclusives
HLD-ConCard-01.png Caught Cosplaying Happy Little Dinosaurs Notavail.png
TTKO-Hoarder.png Hoarder TicTac K.O. Notavail.png


Angel TicTac K.O. Notavail.png
2023 Convention Exclusives
HtS-ConCard-02.png The Illusive Trickster Here To Slay Avail.png
CS-ConCard-001.png Ravaging Draco Casting Shadows Avail.png
WP-ConCard-001.png Cosplayer Wrong Party Avail.png
HLD-ConCard-02.png Ambushed Happy Little Dinosaurs Avail.png
LU-ConCard-002.png Llama Summoner Llamas Unleashed Avail.png
TTKO-Concard-002.png Boom TicTac K.O. Avail.png
TTKO-Concard-003.png Evil Twins TicTac K.O. Avail.png
UU-Excl-004.png Sugar Raid Unicorn Unstable Unicorns Avail.png