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The Blinding Effect is when all effect text on all of your Unicorn cards in your stable, as well as any that enter your stable, will be negated as long as the downgrade is also in your stable. It does this by considering all Unicorn cards in your stable or that would enter your stable as "Basic Unicorns with no effects" (instead of the standard "unicorns").

There are 3 cards that cause the blinding effect; Blinding Light, Medieval Sanitation, and Mid-Sex Charlie Horse.

All cards contain the effect text;

  • 2nd Edition: All of your Unicorn cards are considered Basic Unicorns with no effects.
    • This Downgrade card’s effect is continuous and is applied to any Unicorn card that is in your stable, would be played into your stable, or otherwise enters your stable, regardless of source.
    • This Downgrade card’s effect applies prior to all entering stable effects that would be triggered for cards entering your stable and negates them.
    • This Downgrade card’s effect does NOT change card-type. Magical Unicorn cards are still Magical Unicorn cards that are considered Basic Unicorns. This is identical to the Masquerade effect. No card changes a card type only what it is considered to represent in the game.


  • Baby Unicorns cards are immune to this effect. Baby Unicorn cards can only exist in the Stable or Nursery (and never in your hand or the discard pile). They cannot otherwise be returned to your hand, destroyed, or sacrificed as they would instead be returned to the nursery.
  • This card effect has no interaction with the Queen Bee Unicorn card. The Queen Bee Unicorn card states, “Basic Unicorn cards cannot enter any player’s Stable except yours.” Blinding Light specifies that your Unicorn cards are considered “Basic Unicorns” but not that they are considered “Basic Unicorn cards.” This is an important distinction- your Magical Unicorn cards are still considered Magical Unicorn cards that are Basic Unicorns. As such, these cards are not impacted by Queen Bee Unicorn’s effect.
  • As soon as the source of the blinding effect is no longer in the stable all unicorn card text is no longer negated. Continuous effects will be active. Beginning of turn effects will trigger at the beginning of turn phase. Enter effects will not trigger as no unicorn card is entering the stable.

Blinding Effect and Masquerade Effect

  • When a unicorn card enters a stable
    • Blinding Effect which has priority negates the unicorn card effect text and is considered a "basic unicorn" (instead of unicorn).
    • Masquerade Effect then gives immunity to the now "basic unicorn" it is now considered a "Panda", "cat", "otter", "shit", or reindeer" with its card effect. (It is now protected from the Blinding Effect).
    • The unicorn card has already entered the stable with negated card effect text so it will not trigger any enter effect. (The card did not enter with any effect text.)

Standard Game-play concepts

During normal game-play, there are certain concepts that are always active and have no effect on the gameplay.

Unicorn cards are a physical component of the game, they are held by player's, physically placed into stables, some have effect text, some do not. These cards are always unicorn cards and cannot become something other than being a unicorn card.

When a unicorn card is in a player's stable each unicorn card is considered a "unicorn". This concept of "unicorn" has no physical component, "unicorns" do not have any effect text, the entire purpose of the "unicorn" concept is to determine the game-winning condition (usually 7 unicorns). Even though a "unicorn" has no physical component they are said to be in the stable.

Altered Gameplay concepts

When in a stable there are 9 cards that alter the standard gameplay concept, of these 5 are Masquerade cards, 3 have the Blinding Effect and the other is Tiny Stable. All of these cards alter the standard gameplay concepts above.

  • Unicorns are now considered Basic Unicorns (with no effects). The game-winning condition requires "unicorns", You have Basic Unicorns (with no effects) so you are still able to meet the win condition to win.

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