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Move a card from any other player’s Stable into your Stable.

  • The 2nd print changes how this mechanic can be played OR the effect(s) caused during gameplay from the original text release. This rule text change has been made to resolve interpretation and provide the true intention of the card during gameplay.
  • During the "Beginning of Turn" phase a STOLEN card cannot be sacrificed to another effect. The STOLEN card is not yet in a stable to be targeted by another effect.
  • A STOLEN card is only returned to the Stable it was stolen from ,if it is still in a Stable when required to return it.
  • A card that is stolen leaves it's original Stable to Enter another Stable. When returned it leaves that Stable also.

Entering and Leaving Your Stable
Each time you play, STEAL, or bring a Unicorn into your Stable, it counts as "entering your Stable." Any time a Unicorn card is sacrificed, destroyed, or stolen, it counts as "leaving your Stable."

  • Steal is an independent effect from "Move (a card)", if a steal effect is required to be targeted it cannot target a move effect. (A move is not a steal)


Some cards specify that they can’t be "affected" by certain things. Cards can be "affected" directly or indirectly. Direct effects target a card individually or as part of a group. Indirect effects require a player to target a card or perform an action that affects a card. If a card states "this card cannot be affected," it is immune to both direct and indirect effects.

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