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Icon-baby.pngBaby Unicorn cards have a purple corner. Each player starts with a Baby Unicorn card. Since Baby Unicorn cards are kept in the Nursery and are never in any player's hand, the only way to bring more Baby Unicorn cards into your Stable is through a special effect from another card.
Icon-ultimate.pngUnicorn Cards have a horn symbol in the top left corner. A Unicorn stays in a player's Stable until it is sacrificed or destroyed. Collect Unicorns in your Stable to win the game!

The Second Print rulesheet stated "'Baby Unicorn Cards are Unicorns that only enter a stable from the nursery". This statement prevents the ability to Steal or swap a Baby Unicorns from stable to stable, which is not the intention of gameplay. This statement has been removed in the 2nd Edition Rulesheet.

Specific Card Rules and Information

Baby Unicorn Cards are restricted to either the Nursery or a Stable.

Card List (last updated for Christmas Special)

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