UU - Ultimate Unicorn Card

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Ultimate Unicorn cards are Unicorns that have effects. Some have triggered effects, while others have continuous effects.
Icon-ultimate.pngUnicorn Cards have a horn symbol in the top left corner. A Unicorn stays in a player's Stable until it is sacrificed or destroyed. Collect Unicorns in your Stable to win the game!

  • All Unicorn cards in a Player's Stable count as ONE Unicorn for a game win condition (Unless otherwise stated).
  • Any Ultimate Unicorn that has effects triggered when it enters a Stable will have those effects triggered every time it enters any player's Stable. If it is temporarily moved to another Stable, when the Ultimate Unicorn moves back into the original player's Stable, those effects are triggered again for that player.
  • When a card enters a stable, it may have a mandatory effect that triggers, resulting in a requirement effect. A card must enter a Stable for this effect to trigger, this is NOT a Requirement that prevents the action to Play the card.

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