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The End of Turn Phase is the last Phase of a Players turn.



All End of turn effects trigger simultaneously and resolve simultaneously prior to the mandatory hand limit resolution.

DISCARD until the number of cards in your hand does not exceed the hand limit. The hand limit is 7 cards (unless otherwise stated).

What do you mean by "hand limit"? The default hand limit is 7, which means each player can only have 7 cards in their hand after the end of their turn. If you're holding more than 7 cards during your End of Turn phase, discard down to that number (unless you have a card in your Stable that says otherwise).

  • Cards that effect the size of the Hand Limit are continuous, but only have effect during the End of Turn Phase.
  • Hand Limit discard effect is the last effect to resolve during the End of Turn Phase, a player cannot end their turn holding more cards than the current limit.

Specific Rules and Information

A Phase is not completed until all effects have been resolved, then gameplay continues to the next phase, unless a game winning condition is achieved by the player and the game ends.

The Discard effect from the end of turn is a continuous effect that verifies the Hand after each Discard if you have reached the hand limit. If EOT verifies you have 9 cards in Hand you Discard one card, then EOT verifies the number again, prior to discarding a second card.

Effects may cause phases to be skipped during a turn. It is possible that the same phase can be skipped multiple times due to multiple effects in the turn. (4/3/2019) Reddit @SOmeOneSP3C1AL

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