2017 Kickstarter

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Unstable Unicorns - The Beginning.

The 2017 Kickstarter commenced on August 17, 2017, and was funded in just over an hour! The campaign was so successful that pledge tiers had to be added throughout the campaign.

When the campaign ended 33,720 backers pledged $1,865,140 to help bring this project to life.

2017 Kickstarter Expansions

2017 Kickstarter Exclusives

C7e0871d7d2f4b2e5d502206753bbc7f original.jpg Teeshirts that were available via the Kickstarter

UU-playmat large large.jpg The original Kickstarter exclusive, full-color sublimated neoprene play mat featuring artwork from the original Unstable Unicorns campaign. Each mat represents a single player's Stable.