Unstable Unicorns Boxes

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There has been much debate about what boxes SHOULD look like if they are legit and not a fake when people are buying from random sites or ebay. The following are photos are legit boxes purchased directly from Ramy through his kickstarters or his website.

Note: the ONLY deck that has been released in 2nd Edition format so far (as of March 15 2020) is the main base retail deck.

Base Decks

Original Kickstarter Black Box

(mine is a little scuffed from time)
UUBaseKSBlack-front.png UUBaseKSBlack-back.png
Notes: FRONT is foil

Original Kickstarter White Box

I am missing this one I will post it soon as I can

First Print Retail Base

I am missing this one I will post it soon as I can

First Print Gamestop Retail Base

UUBaseGS1stprint-front.png UUBaseGS1stprint-back.png

Second Print Retail Base

UUBase2ndprint-front.png UUBase2ndprint-back.png

Second Print Gamestop Retail Base

UUBaseGS2ndprint-front.png UUBaseGS2ndprint-back.png

Kickstarter Chaos Base Deck

UUChaos-front.png UUChaos-back.png
Note: Metallic front only

Kickstarter Control Base Deck

UUControl-front.png UUControl-back.png
Note: Metallic front only

NSFW Retail Base

UUBaseNSFW-front.png UUBaseNSFW-back.png

Second Edition Retail Base

UUBase2nded-front.png UUBase2nded-back.png


Original Kickstarter Uncut Expansion

UUUNCUT-front.png UUUNCUT-back.png
Note: This is the SAME deck as the NSFW Expansion, the name of the expansion was changed from Uncut to NSFW when the expansions were released in retail
THIS EXPANSION IS NO LONGER AVAILABLE, if you see this expansion in a package deal for sale with NSFW, be aware the sale in most likely counterfeit cards.

Original Kickstarter (27 card) Expansion Packs

Note: The authentic (27 Card) Rainbow Sprinkles Expansion Pack,(27 Card) Dragons Expansion Pack and (27 Card) Apocalypse Expansion Pack came individually in wrapped pouches, NOT shrink wrapped. These are NO LONGER AVAILABLE.

Rainbow Apocalypse Expansion Packs

UURAINAPOC-front.png UURAINAPOC-back.png

NSFW Expansion Pack

UUNSFW-front.png UUNSFW-back.png

Dragons Expansion Pack

UUDragon-front.png UUDragon-back.png

Unicorns of Legend

UULegends-front.png UULegends-back.png