Unstable Unicorns Base Deck - Chaos Base

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About This Game Deck

  • Unstable Unicorns is now published by GPI (Grand Prix International, Inc.)
  • The Chaos box includes the production code GPI-1928-0119 and a Date of Manufacture DoM:October 2018.
  • The Chaos deck features an assortment of new cards specializing in destructive magic and summoning from the discard pile. All of the cards in this deck are exclusive to the 2018 Kickstarter. and 30 of them are exclusive to the Chaos deck (including the holographic Nightmare Unicorn card)!

Deck Information

Deck Box Evolution

Special Notes

Kickstarter Exclusivity Statement - Command of Nature Kickstarter update #8 June 7, 2023

"Based on your feedback, we’ve decided to bring back exclusives from our former projects that impact gameplay while keeping other accessory items exclusive to their original campaigns at this time. We will also be adding a 2nd edition symbol to all the cards in each of these games out of consideration to those who backed the original projects in hopes of preserving the value and first-edition exclusivity. We thought this was a great compromise solution that a lot of our fans suggested to allow fans who missed the original projects to still get access to all the characters and cards that they can’t get anywhere else!"

The decision to Reprint previous Kickstarter exclusives during Kickstarter campaigns still makes them Kickstarter exclusive. It also doesn't guarantee that they will be available in future Kickstarter projects.