CS Fanfic - The Tale of Bigtooth

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Bigtooth Riverbank set the last log down on his dam and admired his handiwork. A wonderful home, with a large collection of wood making up a cozy den on the most scenic part of the river. His children would be happy here, plenty of space to play and learn and sharpen their teeth on the nearby trees. It was everything a beaver could dream of.
From the corner of his eye, he noted something blue and round, gleaming in his lily garden. He walked over to investigate. It looked like someone had taken the clearest water from the river, swirled it, and then crystallized the result. It was… beautiful. Bigtooth stared at it, mesmerized. Magic crackled off its surface when he picked it up, making his paws tingle.
"A Blue Orb," the local guru, a turtle-genie told him. Bigtooth hadn’t seen them approaching. "Be careful with it, it will serve you well on your journey."
Bigtooth tore his eyes away from the awe-inspiring object. "I’m not going on a journey. I just finished building my home here. To raise my family. We’re not going anywhere."
"Is that so?" the guru asked. "Then good luck." And just like that, the mysterious creature disappeared.
"BLUE ORB BLUE ORB BLUE ORB!" someone yelled from the sky.
"NO! I saw it first! Back off, Haze!" a deep voice growled from somewhere in the trees.
Bigtooth froze, clutching the orb tightly.
A large dragon, black, with shining green wings and eyes, and breathing chartreuse fire, swooped from the sky and snatched the orb, knocking Bigtooth backwards and directly at his freshly built dam.
A hulking, two-legged wolf, fists and eyes glowing with fuchsia power, stomped out. Every step shook the area, making logs fall off – one hit Bigtooth straight across the head.
"That’s MY orb, Haze!" The wolf howled at the sky and reached a hand forward; a paw of fire and earth hurtled at the dragon, catching fire to the nearby trees in the process.
The dragon flapped its wings and roared something in an ancient language, a language of darkness and guttural growls. A bat-shaped shield appeared in front of him, deflecting the hand and sending it straight into Bigtooth’s garden, crushing half of it and setting the rest on fire.
"You dare challenge me again, Nuzzle!" the dragon roared. It flapped its wings and flew high, then took a deep breath, very deep-
-Bigtooth had the good sense to dive directly into the water. A minute later, he poked just the top of his head out to see what happened: his beloved dam was now on fire, and the wolf looked furious and slightly singed.
"Hmpf. Still here." The dragon swooped to attack the wolf again, eyes full of greed and rage.
Now it was the wolf’s turn to chant something. A giant snake with many heads, a creature of shadow and venom, appeared in front of him, hissing a warning at the dragon. It slapped its tail left and right, knocking down tree after tree. Bigtooth jumped out of the way of one that was about to fall directly on top of him, then watched in horror as it knocked more logs off his dam.
The wolf howled, and bees, so many bees, swarmed around it. The dragon crashed into the wolf, bees surrounding both of them in a vortex. Several of them escaped the horde and got lost, stinging Bigtooth on the way.
The snake slithered toward the battleplace, only to be stopped in its tracks as an equally shadowy, black and lilac tortoise of unusual size rose straight from the ground. Its bulk formed cracks in the ground, shaking the earth. One of the cracks came right to the riverbank, swallowing a huge chunk of what was left of Bigtooth’s dam.
"Will the two of you STOP THAT!" Bigtooth yelling at the clashing giants, to no avail. He waded out of the river and walked directly toward the dragon and the wolf, only to be knocked off his feet by the snake’s rattling tail and crushed under the weight of the tortoise. That was the last thing that Bigtooth remembered.
When he came to, it was dawn of the next day – he hoped it was only the next day. Bigtooth looked around. The orb was unsurprisingly gone, but that was far from the worst of it. Between the fires, the fallen trees, and the creaking footsteps of giant creatures, his garden was gone. The underground cellar where he stored food was burnt – cattails were not edible when well-done. And his dam, the battling heroes had done so much damage that only a single vertical log stood where once was a comfortable home.
Bigtooth approached that log and sadly put a paw on it. The thing crumbled to ash in moment. But something gleamed underneath.
He picked up the mysterious gleam. It was not like the orb he’d found, no, it was much more beautiful, and crinkled with so much magic. Dangerous magic, Bigtooth could tell. As the dawn slowly crept up, the dark gem faded, becoming nothing more than a black rock. The beaver turned it this way and that. As soon as the thing was in the shadow of his tail, it gleamed again. Then, in the sunlight, it faded.
"A shadow crystal," the guru said. Bigtooth flinched; he hadn’t heard the turtle approach. "Nuzzle and Haze have no idea what they missed while fighting over the sapphire orb."
Bigtooth examined it from every angle. "What does it… do?" he asked, eyeing the guru suspiciously.
"Unlocks your shadow form. And then… who knows? No two shadow forms are the same, Bigtooth Riverbank. No one can know what you may become by unlocking your shadow powers." The guru disappeared as quickly as they had appeared.
The beaver blinked at the spot where a turtle had just stood. One moment they’d been there, the next… what had the guru said, about a journey?
Bigtooth Riverbank tucked the shadow crystal into a pouch, tied the pouch onto his tail, and embarked on the adventure to become Bigtooth the Flooder, just so he could teach these heroes some manners.