Exiled Legends

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About This Game Deck

Welcome to the Banesphere. You will play as an Exiled Legend, one of the powerful deities who rule over the desolate lands to which they have been banished. Legends settle their disputes and fight for control under the established rules of conflict in the Banesphere, an unpredictable colosseum of ever-changing environments.

Fighters gather at the gates of the Banesphere waiting to be selected for battle. As a Legend, you start by choosing six fighters to serve as your Heroes and entering the Banesphere to test you team's prowess. Your team will have one Champion and two Supports at a time fighting on your behalf. Each time your Champion is defeated, you will promote one of your Supports and bring in a new fighter to take the vacant Support position.

When you run out of fighters, you must enter the fray yourself. But be warned if you are defeated, your entire team must immediately retreat from combat and return to the barren wasteland until the next battle..

Build your team of Heroes and fight to gain control in the Banesphere. Will you emerge victorious or suffer a bitter defeat?

  • For 2-5 players
  • Ages 14 and up
  • 30-60 minutes playtime

Where To Go To Get It!

Exiled Legends & All it's Art is Created by Ramy Badie and his team at Tee Turtle/Unstable Unicorns

Game Information

How To Play/Resources
Official PDFs Of The Rulesheets

Card Decks

Base Deck
Earth & Air Expansion Deck
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