Exiled Legends - Inventory List

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Card Name Card Type # of Copies
EL-Icon-Fire.png Herkul The Mountain Legend Card 1
EL-Icon-Light.png Lightbringer Ethyrios Legend Card 1
EL-Icon-Water.png Naga The Serpentine Legend Card 1
EL-Icon-Dark.png Nyxia, Queen Of The Night Legend Card 1
EL-Icon-Unknown.png The Obelisk Legend Card 1
EL-Icon-Dark.png Adroit Goblin Hero Card 1
EL-Icon-Unknown.png Annelid Mindsucker Hero Card 1
EL-Icon-Water.png Aqueous Ray Hero Card 1
EL-Icon-Light.png Avenging Angel Hero Card 1
EL-Icon-Dark.png Blade Demon Hero Card 1
EL-Icon-Fire.png Blistering Barbarian Hero Card 1
EL-Icon-Dark.png Brutish Ogre Hero Card 1
EL-Icon-Fire.png Caldera Shaman Hero Card 1
EL-Icon-Fire.png Chained Hellion Hero Card 1
EL-Icon-Unknown.png Chasm Wyrm Hero Card 1
EL-Icon-Water.png Cold-Blooded Siren Hero Card 1
EL-Icon-Light.png Crane Ascetic Hero Card 1
EL-Icon-Unknown.png Cryptic Wispwalker Hero Card 1
EL-Icon-Unknown.png Demon Of The Haze Hero Card 1
EL-Icon-Light.png Drunken Monk Hero Card 1
EL-Icon-Unknown.png Faceless Maiden Hero Card 1
EL-Icon-Fire.png Fire Dancer Hero Card 1
EL-Icon-Fire.png Firebound Dragon Hero Card 1
EL-Icon-Fire.png Flame Reader Hero Card 1
EL-Icon-Dark.png Flesh-Eating Warlock Hero Card 1
EL-Icon-Water.png Floodburst Behemoth Hero Card 1
EL-Icon-Light.png Golden Sprite Hero Card 1
EL-Icon-Dark.png Gremlin Infiltrator Hero Card 1
EL-Icon-Light.png Harpy Of Light Hero Card 1
EL-Icon-Fire.png Hellhound Hero Card 1
EL-Icon-Dark.png Hooded Mantis Hero Card 1
EL-Icon-Unknown.png Illusionist Hero Card 1
EL-Icon-Dark.png Inkblood Banshee Hero Card 1
EL-Icon-Light.png Ironclad Pegasus Hero Card 1
EL-Icon-Water.png Leviathan Hero Card 1
EL-Icon-Light.png Luminous Lion Hero Card 1
EL-Icon-Dark.png Masked Mercenary Hero Card 1
EL-Icon-Dark.png Master Of Puppetry Hero Card 1
EL-Icon-Fire.png Mischievous Imp Hero Card 1
EL-Icon-Water.png Oracle Of The Depths Hero Card 1
EL-Icon-Unknown.png Phantasmal Raven Hero Card 1
EL-Icon-Light.png Pixiu Hero Card 1
EL-Icon-Light.png Radiant Archon Hero Card 1
EL-Icon-Light.png Ravenous Griffin Hero Card 1
EL-Icon-Fire.png Reckless Bifang Hero Card 1
EL-Icon-Water.png Resourceful Spider Crab Hero Card 1
EL-Icon-Water.png Saltwater Gorgon Hero Card 1
EL-Icon-Water.png Sea Snake Hero Card 1
EL-Icon-Dark.png Shadow Scorpion Hero Card 1
EL-Icon-Unknown.png Shapeshifter Hero Card 1
EL-Icon-Water.png Terrarium Turtle Hero Card 1
EL-Icon-Unknown.png Three-Eyed Fox Hero Card 1
EL-Icon-Unknown.png Unicorn Aberration Hero Card 1
EL-Icon-Fire.png Unstable Chimera Hero Card 1
EL-Icon-Water.png Venomous Hydrozoan Hero Card 1
EL-Icon-Light.png Aurelian Cave Sphere Card 1
EL-Icon-Light.png Cloudgate Sphere Card 1
EL-Icon-Dark.png Eerie Forest Sphere Card 1
EL-Icon-Water.png Maelstrom Sphere Card 1
EL-Icon-Fire.png Magma Peaks Sphere Card 1
EL-Icon-Unknown.png Maw Of The Cosmos Sphere Card 1
EL-Icon-Dark.png Moonlit Alley Sphere Card 1
EL-Icon-Light.png Radiant Skyway Sphere Card 1
EL-Icon-Unknown.png Restless Abyss Sphere Card 1
EL-Icon-Fire.png Suspended Inferno Sphere Card 1
EL-Icon-Fire.png The Stonemelt Sphere Card 1
EL-Icon-Water.png Tranquil Waters Sphere Card 1
EL-Icon-Water.png Turbulent Seas Sphere Card 1
EL-Icon-Dark.png Valley Of The Night Sphere Card 1
EL-Icon-Unknown.png Web of Entropy Sphere Card 1