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Welcome to the Unstable Games Wiki, this Wiki will encompass ALL the Games Released by Tee Turtle
This wiki is endorsed by the owner/creator of Unstable Games :)

Please be aware this wiki is very graphic intense, many of the images are quite large. Images are not for redistribution/reproduction.

We are aware of the 503 errors that the site has been experiencing and are workin on dealing with the issue asap.

Recent Kickstarter Updates

Command of Nature is in FULLFILLMENT!!! (June 1 2024)

Most recent info

US, Canada, Africa, Australia, and New Zealand are all either already finished or on track to finish shipping today! This represents around 75% of all backers in total :) Please note this applies to backers who completed their surveys on time- for those who submitted late, we are working through pledges (and some have shipped but not all).

If you live in one of these regions and have not received your package (or at least a tracking update from BackerKit) by the end of today, you can check the status of your pledge by signing into BackerKit and going to You can also contact our team by email at or by visiting

For the rest of the world, here are your shipping status updates (this is where the not-so-good news begins, in progressively “less good” order):

  • Asia: Our fulfillment partner encountered a small hurdle this week, so our original estimate of completion today has now been pushed out to Monday with a couple of caveats. There are 8 orders experiencing courier issues that we are working to resolve, and an additional 4 that will need to be shipped with items missing (and the other items will ship in a separate package from our warehouse in the US). All but 183 orders have been shipped so far, and the remaining orders should be shipped by end of day Monday.
  • Europe: I hate over-promising and under-delivering, but I have to unfortunately walk back this expectation one more time. Since our last update, we were hit with another paperwork change that further delayed the containers, but we can confirm the container of games has officially been received by our fulfillment partner and shipping will start on Monday. They are now estimating 3 additional weeks for fulfillment, which means all orders would go out before the end of June (but not by end of the first week of June as I had previously stated). We are looking at every option we have at this point to get these orders out the door faster, even by just a few days, but we at least are in a place to start fulfilling orders, which is a major win after having the containers stuck for over 2 months.
  • UK: This is truly just 🫠 We had to change fulfillment partners, have been pushing daily on this container to try to get it through, and have been staying on top of all paperwork requirements. We thought this container was good to go for release, but we were hit with another surprise delay and it continues to be held up. This is our 7th Kickstarter project, and we’ve never encountered anything even close to this before. We have brought in outside experts and every partner we’ve ever worked with to look for any possible solutions to move this through faster, and we’re doing everything we can. I am hesitant to commit to a date given the rollercoaster this has been, but we will inform you as soon as this container is good for shipment (and we are preemptively identifying all ways to set up the plan for max efficiency on fulfillment as soon as our fulfillment partner receives the goods). The best I can offer at this point is consistent updates on progress, and it will be a glorious day as soon as we are able to begin fulfillment of these orders. I am hoping to have a much clearer picture and time estimates by the end of next week.