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Welcome to the Unstable Games Wiki, this Wiki will encompass ALL the Games Released by Tee Turtle
This wiki is endorsed by the owner/creator of Unstable Games :)

Please be aware this wiki is very graphic intense, many of the images are quite large. Images are not for redistribution/reproduction.

Recent Kickstarter Updates

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The Pledges have started to ship! If you have received your package and there is any problems (damage or missing items) please contact

General Shipping Statuses

  • Unstable Games Warehouse ~ Shipping In Progress
    • (Unstable Games warehouse ships to any location outside UK, European Union, Canada, NZ, and Australia)
  • Canada (Lion Rampant) ~ Shipping In Progress
  • Australia (VR Distribution) ~ Shipping In Progress
  • EU/UK (Games Quest) ~ EU Jan 24th Update / Updates ~ Awaiting inventory


Q: Missing or Damaged items?
A: please email - please know that the Team are working as fast as we can to respond to everyone but that it may take longer to receive a response due to the a higher than normal volume of emails.

Q: I haven't gotten my tracking info can you please give it to me?
A: Backerkit is manually updated, as a result this notification is usually a bit delayed in being sent out after the package has already headed out the door. The team is working to get those out as quick as possible and we thank you for your patience :)

Q: I didn't order enough Sleeves who can I contact to order some?
A: These are not KSE and will likely appear on the UnstableGames website for purchase after fulfilment is completed.

Q: Can I still order the mats/(other KSE item)? I want them...
A: These items are KSE and cannot be purchased. There is a slight chance they will return with a future KickStarter but it is not a guarantee.

Q: I got the Ultimate Tier and did not get the Lucky Skipper board/playmat/standee, why not??
A: These items were gifts for previous backers, to receive them for free you had to back another project by Ramy. If you did not back a previous project, they were available as add-ons. If you were a previous backer and are missing these items please email

Q: I haven't received my pledge yet why not?!?
A: We are still on track for completing the delivery on time. Thankyou for patience as the distribution centers work hard to get the pledges out to all our wonderful backers :)

Q: My standees have scratches and bubbles on them or they do not fit in the base.
A: Please note there are a plastic layer to be peeled off both sides of each the standee and it's base.

Q: I didn't get a hex for Lucky; is it missing? How do I play him since he doesn't have a hex.
A: The player with Lucky gets to choose the home hex tile, you aren't missing a tile :)

Q: The Crystal Crypt is confusing how does it work
A: The Crystal Crypt tile prevents the player on it from reducing incoming DMG by any means. For example, if Player A were to deal 3 DMG to Player B, and Player B had the Pointed Shield Counterspell card, they could play that card to reduce the incoming DMG from 3 to 1. However, if Player B was standing on the Crystal Crypt. Player B's Pointed Shield would have no effect when played - Player B would take the full 3 DMG whether they play their Counterspell card or not.

Tile shortcut should read

+CS-PurpGem.png, NO DMG REDUCED.

Usermade Updated Hex Reference (by Matt Weist) [See Image]

Q: Any suggestions how to remember the tile actions without the reference chart.
A: While there is no official response to this outside having a good memory, Matt Weist has created this template for printing stickers on a Cricut to adhere to the tiles [See Image]

Q: Any info from the creator regarding the "scarcity of resource tokens" issue that backers have been commenting on?
A: This shouldn't be an issue, the most common note that people are mentioning are 2 things...

1) people are using the tokens as their main resources (roll then take whats on the dice in tokens) these tokens were meant for using to represent SPELLS that have been used to supplement the resource pool

2) People holding onto the resources after their turn ends. This is not how resources are used. Once your turn ends, your resource pool empties completely and all tiles/dice are returned to their respective locations.