Wrong Party

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Wrong-Party-Site-Comps-Box-1-1000x1000.jpg Consider this your invitation to Wrong Party! In this delightfully quirky draft-style card game, compete with your friends to create the GGLOAT—that is, the Greatest Guest List of All Time—by choosing from a variety of mismatched characters and party themes. Will you host the perfect party or kill the vibe?
  • 2-5 player card game
  • 30-60 minute playtime
  • Ages 12+
  • Box contains: 152 game cards, 1 Score Tracker, and 5 Party Hats
What happens when you invite a Baby, your Dentist, a Drug-Sniffing Dog, and a Mall Santa to Slay a Dragon? And what Murder Mystery Party would be complete without a Proud Mom of an Honor Roll Student and a Cult Leader butting heads? If the front row of your Royal Wedding doesn’t feature a Killer Clown, are you really doing it right?


This product expects to ship between Jul 15 and Aug 15!

Game Information

  • How To Play/Resources
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    • To Come!!!

Game Information

  • TO COME!!!