LU - Downgrade Card

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Icon-down.pngDowngrade cards have a yellow corner with a down arrow symbol. Add a Downgrade card to another player's Field to impose negative effects to that player. (Technically, you can add a Downgrade card to your own Field, but you'll rarely want to do this.) A Downgrade card stays in a player's Field until it is sacrificed or destroyed.

  • A Downgrade card in your Field affects only your Field (unless otherwise stated).

Do I have to play Downgrade cards on opponents and Upgrade cards on myself?

You can play Upgrade and Downgrade cards into any player's Field. This official statement from the official website confirms a game board location for these card types, this in no way states that you must declare the intended location prior to resolution of the card text.
Getting Rid of Downgrade Cards
Some card effects allow you to specifically remove Downgrade cards from your Field. In addition, if a card's effect states "SACRIFICE a card," you can use that card to get rid of a Downgrade in your Field (ex. "If this card is in your Field at the beginning of your turn, you may SACRIFICE a card, then DESTROY a card")


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