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Instant cards can be played any time any other player plays a card (unless otherwise stated). If an Instant card is played in response to a card you played, you may respond with an Instant card of your own (even though you already played a card this turn). Any number of Instant cards can be placed onto the instant pile during a single turn.


If you have a card in your hand that requires you to perform an impossible action, you may not play it. Sometimes, however, the effect of a card in your Field or a card played by any other player may require you to perform an impossible action. If this situation occurs, disregard that action. Some impossible actions include:

  • [DISCARD] when you have no cards in your hand
  • [SACRIFICE] a card when you have no cards in your Field
  • [SACRIFICE] a card that cannot be sacrificed


Whenever any player plays a card, any other player may respond with an Instant card. If a player chooses to respond, their Instant card is placed on top of the card to which they are responding. This creates a pile. Once a pile has been created, you may only ever respond to the top card of the pile. If multiple players attempt to respond to a single card, the player who responded the fastest adds their card to the pile and all other cards played in response are returned to their players' hands. Players may continue to respond to each new top card in a pile until all players have declared that they do not intend to respond any further. When determining the order of resolution for a pile, always start at the top of the pile by first resolving the card that was played most recently, then resolve each consecutive card in order. Each time a card is resolved, one or more cards is removed from the pile, presenting an opportunity for the new top card of the pile to be responded to again.


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