CS Fanfic - Nuzzle Thornwood: Exploration of the Crystal Crypt

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Nuzzle has always been unwaveringly curious. Whenever the opportunity came for him to sneak out of the village to explore the nearby lands, he would take it. Anyone who saw him take off just pretended they didn’t see him because they didn’t want to deal with the hassle of going through the trials and tribulations that Nuzzle would find himself in.
It had only been a few hours, and Nuzzle found himself running from an enraged swarm of bees, climbing trees to get away from giant sludge monsters, and of course, finding himself completely lost. Most people would find themselves in complete dismay by the situation, but Nuzzle thought these predicaments just added to the excitement of his adventure.
Later in the day, he came to a crossroads. He could take a left towards the Glimmering Woods or head towards a cave he had never explored before. Nuzzle, being the inquisitive adventurer he is, of course, took the unexplored cave.
As soon as he entered the cave, he was astonished by the glinting red crystals and the sparkling blue gems. It was like he had entered a giant jewelry box, and he was here for it. He started to run around the entire crypt and played around like the little devil he was. He might have had a bit too much because a creature of might strength grunted as it awoke from its slumber.
Out from a hidden crevice in the crypt appeared Tracheon the Devil Dire Wolf. Nuzzle Thornwood took one look at Tracheon and realized that he was a far greater threat than bees or sludge monsters. Nuzzle made a dash for the exit, but he suddenly couldn’t inch forward. He turned his head in fright to uncover that Tracheon had grabbed ahold of his tail.
Nuzzle tried to escape the grip of Tracheon but was spun around rapidly and in quick succession. His eyes went blank, and he felt like he was about to puke. Everything went black for a while until a loud thud as his back cracked against a large crystal. Nuzzle laid up against the crystal groggily and feeling defeated.
Tracheon slowly started walking towards Nuzzle and bellowed, "Who dares enter the Crystal Crypt. This is my temporary domain while I rest, awaiting the blood moon. Your antics have awoken me from my slumber. Now that my hibernation has been disturbed, I will miss the blood moon if I sleep now. The one chance I will have to be transported back to my village. It’s your fault, and you will pay the consequences."
Nuzzle panicked and pleaded, "I’m sorry, sir. I didn’t mean to awaken you, and I didn’t even know there was anyone in this crypt. Please show mercy and forgive me for my intrusion." He bowed his head, hoping that his words had gotten through to Tracheon.
The dire wolf scoffed and replied, "Mercy is for the weak, you plebian. Does a spider show mercy to a fly that glides into his web? Does a shark stop to contemplate how a fish will feel when consumed? You sealed your fate when you walked into this crypt and disturbed my sleep."
In a sudden flash, Nuzzle found himself being punched in the stomach, clobbered in the face, and kicked in his shins. As Nuzzle was whacked away, he saw that Tracheon was readying his claws. His friends in the village could access unspeakable strength, and he knew he could tap into his shadow powers too. He had never done so before, but the situation was turning into a now or never moment.
Nuzzle Thornwood stood tall on his four paws, closed his eye, and believed in his inner strength. Dark clouds filled with an intense aura started to surround Nuzzle. One could feel the power emanating from Nuzzle, and even Tracheon felt the power surge.
Now a turbulent gust of shadow energy had completely surrounded and cloaked Nuzzle. Out from the shadows stepped a two-legged wolf beast surrounded by fiery flames. His fists were covered in a red hot aura.
Tracheon was now smaller in comparison and gulped as he saw the beast charged at him. Tracheon suddenly was jabbed in all places. First left, then right, and repeatedly in the face. The tables had turned, and Tracheon was panting from the intensity.
Tracheon may have seen like just a brute, but he knew when he was outmatched. He purred, "Perhaps, I underestimated you. I will forgive you for intruding on my slumber. Let’s call this battle off and go our separate ways."
Nuzzle shot back, "No! You will leave this place and never return. You are no longer the alpha, and you are a subpar wolf of a different class. Your actions and mercilessness show that you are a demon and have no right to call yourself a wolf. Get out! Now!"
Tracheon, the Devil Dire Wolf, began to run out of the crypt in shame but was suddenly stopped. He looked behind him and saw that Nuzzle had grabbed hold of his tail. Nuzzle then growled, "Never be overconfident and mock others." Nuzzle let go of Tracheon, and off he ran.
After Tracheon was long gone, a shadowy figure came out of the distance. It was a fellow member of his village and his friend Gunter. Gunter squealed, "That was amazing, Nuzzle! The way you took out that Devil Dire Wolf was astounding. Dare I say, unprecedented. You are probably the strongest of our kind. I am just in awe."
The reddish aura that glinted in Nuzzle’s eye started to fade, and he returned to his normal form. Nuzzle then asked, "Since when were you here, Gunter? I thought no one wanted to come with me?"
Gunter replied, "That’s true; your antics cause trouble." He pointed around the cracked and battered crystals in the crypt. "But, I was getting worried about you, and by the time I arrived, you had already transformed. Enough of this, though. Let’s go back to the village."
Nuzzle was exhausted after the hard-fought battle and happily agreed.
After the stories of what happened in the Crystal Crypt spread, Nuzzle was known as Nuzzle the Savage. He took his new name in stride and worked to protect his village from then onward, but he still got in a bit of mischief now and again.