CS Fanfic - The Orb

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It was that moment he realized there was no turning back. His reflection in the water was proof of that. The shadows engulfed him and he embraced them.
The once small creature that spent its evenings watching fireflies now clutched the weak neck of little Axolotl in its giant paw. Axolotl stepped where he shouldn't have. This forest belongs to the shadows of the night. This forest belongs to the wolves. Before "Casting" they might have been friends, but not now. Now it's too late.
With a mighty howl, the giant Wolf pressed the little Axolotl's neck against the giant willow tree that surely remembered the friendship between the two species, while its bark cracked under the immense pressure. The Wolf's eyes blazed with purple flame, while life gradually drained from Axolotl's. "You're going to die, just like everyone else who dared!" A mighty Wolf roar carried through the dark forest. Little Axolotl, already struggling to get the words out: "I'm not like everyone else." At that moment, the ground began to shake. Birds flew out of the forest, while the surface of the pool seemed to boil. The water grew more and more restless, the hot steam began to hiss like a thousand snakes. With rage, the Wolf gave all the strength he had left to clutch Axolotl's throat with his other hand, one last time.
But instead of the expected burst, something else happened...Axolotl opened his eyes, which were now glowing purple. All the water from the pond now began to flow towards them. The Wolf roared under the force of the boiling stream, while Axolotl grabbed the Wolf by the powerful paw that had been crushing Axolotl's throat. The water was shredding the leaves and bark from the trees, but Wolf remained standing firm. It was obvious that Axolotl's touch burned on Wolf's fur like a red-hot piece of iron, but that was not all. Axolotl cried out mightily, and at that moment all the boiling water struck the Wolf with its flatness like a blow with a battering ram. The Wolf rolled aside and was stopped only by the nearest tree, which snapped under the impact of the Wolf's weight. "Ugh": the Wolf crashed into a once sturdy spruce tree. But that wasn't enough. It would take more strength to stop something so mighty and lithe.
The Wolf just staggered back, glancing in the direction where he had been crushing Axolotl's neck. But what he saw was no longer just a small defenseless creature that had come into a strange forest. With a mighty rumble, it stood before him in its full strength. A majestic and proud creature, the likes of which he had never seen before. It was as if the god of the waters himself stood before him, a mighty dragon straight out of legend. As quickly as the Wolf had crashed into the tree, so quickly did he charge towards the Dragon. The maddening speed of the flying predator, enhanced by its glowing paws, carried with it a veil of purple flame that was aimed head-on at this new enemy. "Give it back!" Crumbled from the Wolf's maw as he growled furiously at a frantic run. The Water Dragon just scowled and swung its massive tail. There was a crash. The collision of the two colossi rumbled through the forest as if a rock had cracked. The Wolf's mighty claws dug into the Water Dragon's tough hide. The dragon hissed a thunderous roar and recoiled its massive limbs towards the lake. The ground cracked on the rebound, and crimson beams tore out of it, blinding the Wolf. The Wolf stomped into the cracked earth once more, and began to tear a giant chunk of hard rock from the ground, which began to claw its way to the surface. Like a sharp spike, Axolotl pierced through the surface of the lake, followed by a powerful thump of his tail against the surface.
The Wolf now held a giant chunk of flaming rock in its paws, waiting for its moment. He was waiting for the giant Dragon that was bound to surface at any moment. "Show yourself!" The Wolf yelled. But instead of the dragon, a smaller creature jumped out of the lake with terrifying speed. A three-headed snake! The Wolf immediately threw a massive chunk of rock at the Snake. The sharp impact of the rock knocked the Snake to the shore of the lake. The Snake hissed aggressively, but it couldn't move. "Is that all you have!?" Wolf yelled. "Get out and let's finish this!" At that moment, the surface of the lake began to bubble again. Wolf just frowned and howled loudly, as if perhaps he was calling someone.
Suddenly the sound of falling trees began to echo through the woods. It was as if an avalanche was coming, destroying everything in its path. With incredible speed, the water dragon leapt out of the lake towards the Wolf, carried by the crushing wave. But just before the dragon could send the Wolf to the ground with its tail, a giant, majestic deer emerged from the forest, its hooves thundering, unstoppable even by a stone wall. With the tremendous speed with which he ran out of the forest, he charged at the Water Dragon's antlers. The Water Dragon flew aside under the force of the impact, leaving only steam trailing behind him.
The Dragon had suffered terrible injuries...The once mighty, now ravaged body of the Dragon lay lifeless at the lakeshore. Wolf slowly made his way over to it to finish what they had started. There was an eerie silence. When suddenly there was a small creature emerging from behind the heavily breathing dragon. A small Mouse.
The Wolf just roared and took full aim at the dragon's head with a glowing paw. As it did, it was deflected by a powerful glow. A warm and powerful barrier emanating from the little creature's hands. "You saved my life." The wounded Dragon hissed. "We don't have much time, when I say run, you run. Do you understand?" She let out a Mouse holding a barrier of warm light with all her might. "It's mine! You have no right!" Train yelled, hitting the barrier with tremendous force, which crunched under the blow. "Run!" Mouse hissed at Dragon. All that was left behind Dragon at that moment was a glow of light and a thunder-like crash. "You don't know what you've done! This is the end of us!" Moaned the Wolf at the Mouse.
Dragon was miles away by then. He knew he would never see his little friend again. "This sacrifice will not be in vain." The dragon just looked at the glowing body in his palm and smiled. "I'll make sure it won't be...".