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Unstable Unicorns has just celebrated its 5th anniversary for the original Kickstarter release! Over the last 5 years, there have been hundreds if not thousands of production runs of all different releases of Unstable Unicorns from many different publishing companies that have been used over that time. This has produced different darker shades of authentic card backs on both base boxes and expansion set cards.

Black back differece.jpg

  • January 2018 - Unstable Unicorns is now published by Breaking Games™ an AD MAGIC™ company. This change in publisher has given the card back a lighter appearance and a larger black border than the previous releases. All previous releases are now out of print.
  • December 2020 - With the release of the 2nd Edition Expansions(2E), the card backs may appear to be a different shade than previous releases. This change in color is due to the use of CMYK color printing. The color difference is due to inconsistencies with the nature of CMYK ink. Work is still in progress on minimizing color inconsistencies in future printing of Unstable Unicorns 2nd Edition.


Unstable Unicorns (White) Base set box

Check out this article here UU-TBG LOGO.png

2017 Kickstarter Exclusive Card Set

Counterfeit 2017 Kickstarter Exclusive Card Sets have been on the market since release, these cards are slightly smaller than authentic versions. *KICKSTARTER EXCLUSIVES will not be released to retail (ever.)


The authentic The Horniest Unicorn card has a white "notch" to the left of the unicorn horn in the "blue" magical unicorn icon. (as shown in the picture) UU-SET-REAL.jpg

The authentic 2017 Kickstarter Exclusive Card Set came in a resealable plastic bag, NOT shrink wrapped.

2017 Kickstarter Expansions

The authentic (27 Card) Rainbow Sprinkles Expansion Pack,(27 Card) Dragons Expansion Pack and (27 Card) Apocalypse Expansion Pack came individually in wrapped pouches, NOT shrink wrapped.

The authentic of the Uncut expansion includes a Baby Unicorn (Snake) card that has two printed eyes.


The authentic of the Kickstarter Dragons expansion includes a Dragon's Breath card that has the correct card name.


2017 Kickstarter Black Metallic Ink Box

Counterfeit 2017 Kickstarter black metallic ink box have been on the market since release, from the outside they appear to be the authentic product. Authentic Boxes are more prone to being scratched due to the glossy appearance.

6a4.png UU-KS2-B.png UU-foil open.jpg

The authentic product does not have a foil glossy interior box, as shown. The authentic product does not have a rainbow print box lid, as shown. (The Black metallic ink box will never photograph like a rainbow, only tones of gold, silver or white.

UU-foil fake.png UU - fake rainbow box.png

2019 NSFW Base

The Authentic box has "UNSTABLE UNICORNS" on the front of the box.

UU NSFW Base Game-Box Left-1000x1000.jpgUU NSFW Base Game-Box Back-1000x1000.jpg

The counterfeit box is missing the "UNSTABLE" from the box. There is a printing error on the card Hoof Job.

UU - fake nsfw box.pngUU hoofjob fake.png

The text reads: "Choose any player and look at that player's and. Choose a card from that player's hand and add it to your hand."

The letter "h" is missing from the word "hand".

Retail Expansions

The official expansions do NOT have the capitalization error;

Made in CHina

on the back of the box.


"Bundled box sales" found on the internet

How to identify counterfeit sales;

1. The price will be ridiculously below a retail price. Even if a sale says that its "discounted" or "on sale".

2. The Black box, "uncut" NSFW box, and promo card set were only released during the 2017 Kickstarter campaign which had 33,720 backers, it can be assumed that there could be 60 or 70 thousand (maybe 100k) authentic copies of each in the whole world. No legitimate sale could have stock items in the hundreds or thousands of units.

3. Photos are obviously not real or are "stock" photos from legitimate sources.

4. Seller will not provide any "proof of purchase" or proof of authenticity - Ask a seller for the measurements of the base boxes.

5. A lot of sales will have hidden comments that state they are counterfeit to try and legitimize the authenticity of the sale.

UU - fake bundle.png

Here To Slay Base Game

Here To Slay Fake.jpgHere to Slay Size FAKEComparison.jpg

Fake version purchased from Amazon

Counterfeit Box Info

  1. Dimensions: 10.8cm x 14cm x 4.35cm
  2. DoM: 5/20 Lot #: GPI-4693-0520
  3. Made in China by GPI
    TM and © 2020 Unstable Unicorns
    Richmond Heights, MO 63117
    No trademark notice.
  4. Dark Artwork on the Box & Cards
  5. Unstable Unicorns logo at top left corner