Daring Contest

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About This Game Deck

Some say best friends are the people you can always trust...we don’t. This game will NOT require you to:

  • Go outside
  • Physically harm yourself
  • Be funny (the cards will do that for you)

This game MAY require you to:

  • Interact with other humans
  • Make horrifying noises not yet known to man
  • Do the dishes (because that's one of the dares)

For 4-8 players, ages 18 and up. 72 hour play time (because you won't be able to stop. But actually 30 minutes-ish.)

Where To Go To Get It!

Daring Contest & All it's Art is Created by Ramy Badie and his team at Tee Turtle/Unstable Unicorns

The Base Deck is available on their website.
The Family Edition and the Expansions, currently were only available via the Kickstarter

Game Information

How To Play/Resources
Official PDFs Of The Rulesheets

Card Decks

Base Deck

NSFW Edition
Safe For Work Edition


Penalty Box Expansion
Drunking Contest Expansion
Modifier Expansion
Daring Contest KSE Cards