Daring Contest - General Rules

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The Setup

  • Shuffle the Dare cards and deal each player 5 cards.
  • Shuffle the Modifier cards and place 10 cards face down in a stack at the center of the table. This is a Modifier stack.
  • Shuffle the Penalty cards and place them face down near the Modifier stack.

The Cards

Daring Contest has 3 types of cards: Dare cards, Modifier cards, and Penalty cards.


Dare Card

Each Dare card has an action that a player must complete in order to earn the points at the bottom left corner of the card. Dare cards are worth between 1 and 5 points, depending on the level of difficulty of the dare. Every player should have 5 Dare cards in hand at all times. Whenever you play or discard a Dare card, draw a new one immediately.


Challenge Dare Card

If a Dare card has a DC-Rules-star.png printed on it, challengers are welcome! Any player (with the exception of the Judge) can choose to perform the dare. The Judge picks the player who performed the dare best, and that player gets the points!



Modifier Cards

A Modifier card is flipped over each round, and its text is added to the instructions of the Dare card selected that round.



Penalty Cards

If the Judge decides you didn't successfully complete a dare (or if you back out), you must take a Penalty card. Penalty cards are effective immediately and last until you successfully complete another dare.

If you really suck, you might have multiple Penalty cards. If you take a Penalty card that conflicts with an active one, put the new card on the bottom of the deck and take a different Penalty card instead.


The Judge

Each round, one player acts as Judge. The Judge turns over the Modifier card for that round, chooses which dare will be performed, and decides if the dare was adequately completed.

Picking the Judge

At the beginning of the game, each player draws one Dare card. The player whose card is worth the most points is the Judge for the first round. If there's a tie, the tied players repeat their process until there are no longer any ties. Return the cards to the deck and shuffle.

"Of The Judge's Choosing" Some cards require the Judge to choose something. It is the Judge's responsibility to pick something reasonable and safe. This is not a joke. After all, if all your friends get maimed while performing dares, who will you play with?


The Judge's word is law. Don't argue with their decisions. If they're being a dick, settle your differences with a slap fight. Or just don't play with them again. Whatever.

If you're the Judge, don't be a dick. Take the responsibility seriously and make decisions that are fair to all players. Otherwise, noone will play with you again.

We are not responsible for any physical or emotional injury sustained while playing Daring Contest. Make good choices.

The Round

The round begins when the Judge flips over the top card of the Modifier stack.


Each other player looks at their hand and picks a Dare card that they are willing to perform in combination with the active Modifier card and places it on the table face down. The Judge shuffles the Dare cards and flips them face up, then picks their favorite Dare card to pair with the active Modifier card and discards the rest.


The player who submitted that card must now make a choice:

  • Heroically perform the dare:


  • Back out, revealing they're a spineless disgrace who prefers a life of fear and dishonor and will inevitably die alone, forgotten by mankind.

If a player performs the dare, the Judge decides if that player met the requirements. If the player successfully completed the dare according tot he Judge, the player ears the points on the Dare card and should hang on to the card to tally the score later. If not, the player gets no points, discards the Dare card, and takes the penalty card. Either way, that player is the Judge for the next round. Rinse and repeat.

After 10 rounds, the Modifier stack will be empty and the game is over. The player with the most points wins!

Tiebreaker: Dare Deathmatch If 2 or more players have the same number of points at the end of the game, a Dare Deathmatch begins!

Flip over Dare cards from the top of the deck until you find a Challenge Dare card. If the Dare card involves the Judge, ignore it and find another. The tied players must all perform that dare, and the rest of the players vote on the winner. If a tied player backs down from the dare, they forfeit. If the votes are tied, keep arguing until someone wins. You'll figure it out. We're all just here to have fun, right?

Note: No one should actually die in a Dare Deathmatch.

Expert Mode

If you find yourself feeling extra daring, you can play the game in Expert Mode. In this version of the game, each player starts with a Penalty card. That player must perform the action listed on the Penalty card at all times (except when performing a dare). Each time a player successfully performs a dare, that player discards the Penalty card and takes a new one.

Additional Notes

Some dares may require social media and/or texting. During these dares, the player is not allowed to provide context to outside parties.

If you draw a Dare card you don't think you can possibly be performed in your current setting, you can show it to the rest of the players, then discard it and draw a new Dare card. If all other players agree that the dare would be impossible to perform, you're good to go! If any player is able to prove that the dare can be performed, however, you must take a Penalty card.

Filming or taking pictures during the game is STRICTLY PROHIBITED unless ALL PLAYERS consent. If a dare requires a photo, video, or social post, any person involved or shown must give express consent. Be courteous and respect the privacy of other players. Who knows? Maybe you'll get to see them shirtless.

If you do not consent to performing any of the dares in your hand, you can discard your hand, draw 5 new Dare cards, and take a Penalty card.

If you do not consent to performing a Penalty card, you can discard it and draw a new one. Just don't discard for no reason like a jerk!