Here To Slay

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Here to Slay is a 2-6 player turn-based role-playing competitive strategic fantasy card game.

In this game, you’ll assemble a full party of heroes to slay dangerous monsters while working to avoid the sabotage of your foes. The game also includes items you can equip to your heroes, 1V1 challenge cards, and roll modifiers to tip the odds in your favor.

The first player to slay three monsters or assemble a full party wins the game!

Game Information

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Official Rulesheets
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Cards - Base Decks

Base Deck

Cards - Expansion Decks/Cards

Monster Expansion
Dragon Sorcerer Expansion
Warrior and Druid Expansion
Berserkers and Necromancers Expansion
Here To Sleigh Expansion

Individual Cards & Others

Here To Slay KSE Cards
Here To Slay - Blind Box Vinyl - Card Set
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