Here To Slay - Blind Box Vinyl - Card Set

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HTS-Vinyl.png Released product for 2021.

Set of 10 cards. 8 (Commons) Here To Slay Base Cards & Warriors and Druid Expansion Cards with new artwork.

2 (Rare) new card releases.

Special Notes: All cards are foiled

  • Available from [] In Singles or 18 Unit Case
  • Buy one figure at a time for a mystery surprise, or get the pack of 18 with a guarantee that you'll find all 10 figures!

Card Scans

HtS-WarDruid-028-V.png HtS-WarDruid-017-V.png HtS-Base-050-V.png HtS-Base-074-V.png HtS-Base-054-V.png HtS-Base-037-V.png HtS-Base-027-V.png HtS-Base-061-V.png HtS-NecBers-001-V.png HtS-NecBers-002-V.png

Card Photo Previews

HtS-WarDruid-028-VP.png HtS-WarDruid-017-VP.png HtS-Base-050-VP.png HtS-Base-074-VP.png HtS-Base-054-VP.png HtS-Base-037-VP.png HtS-Base-027-VP.png HtS-Base-061-VP.png HtS-NecBers-001-VP.png HtS-NecBers-002-VP.png

Vinyl Toy Preview

UU-Vinyl-AgileDagger.png UU-Vinyl-DoeFallow.png UU-Vinyl-GuidingLight.png UU-Vinyl-Hopper.png UU-Vinyl-LookieRookie.png UU-Vinyl-MellowDee.png UU-Vinyl-PanChucks.png UU-Vinyl-Shurikitty.png UU-Vinyl-HowlOfTheDead.png UU-Vinyl-ReigningKing.png