Here To Slay - Sealing Key

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Image: Base Deck
Type: Cursed Item Card
Edition: 2nd Edition
Availability: Available

Main Information

  • KS Print n Play Edition/Base Deck/2nd Edition Base: You cannot use the equipped Hero card's effect.

Card Releases

  • August 2020 - Base Game Quantity of card: 1
  • February 2020 - KS Print n Play Edition Quantity of card: 1
  • February 2024 - Base Game Quantity of card: 1

Specific Card Rules and Information

Authenticity Notes

Localizations of this Card

HtS-Base-001-DE.png German
Schlüssel der Versiegelung
Verfluchter Gegenstand

Du kannst den Effekt des Helden, der diesen Gegenstand ausgerüstet hat, nicht nutzen.

HtS-Base-001-it.png Italian
Chiave del Sigillo
Oggetto Maledetto

Non puoi usare l'effetto della carta Eroe a cui è equipaggiata.

Evolution of the Card