Here To Slay - The Shadow Claw

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Image: Base Deck
Type: Party Leader
Class: Thief
Edition: 2023 Kickstarter Edition
Availability: Available

Main Information

  • KS Print n Play Edition/Base Deck/2nd Edition Base: Once per turn on your turn, you may spend an action point to pull a card from another player's hand.

Card Releases

  • August 2020 - Base Game Quantity of card: 1
  • February 2020 - KS Print n Play Edition Quantity of card: 1
  • February 2024 - Base GameQuantity of card: 1

Specific Card Rules and Information

Authenticity Notes

Localizations of this Card

HtS-Base-102-DE.png German
Die Schattenklaue
Anführer: Dieb
Einmal pro Zug darfst du in deinem Zug 1 Aktionspunkt ausgeben, um dir 1 Handkarte von einem enderen Spieler zu HOLEN.
HtS-Base-102-it.png Italian
L'Artiglio Ombra
Leader del Gruppo: Ladro
Una volta per turno nel tuo turno, puoi spendere 1 punto azione per prendere 1 carta dalla mano di un altro giocatore.

Evolution of the Card