Here To Slay Dragon Warrior and Druid Expansion - Expansion Instructions

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This expansion introduces two new classes of Hero cards, Warriors and Druids, to your Here to Slay game. HtS-Druid.png HtS-Warrior.png

When playing with this expansion added to your game, there are two ways to win:

  • Option 1: SLAY three Monster cards.
  • Option 2: End your turn with SEVEN different classes represented in your Party (including your Party Leader card)

Warriors HtS-Warrior.png

Warriors are master of weapons and combat. Some Warrior Hero cards have a HtS-Icons.png symbol in the bottom right corner, which indicates that you can equip up to two Item cards (Including Cursed Item cards) to that Warrior Hero card. Equipping each Item card still costs one action point. Note that you cannot equip more then one Item card with "Mask" in its title to the same Warrior Hero card.

Druids HtS-Druid.png

Druids harness the power of nature to produce powerful effects. Note that Druid Hero cards, unlike Hero cards of other classes, require low rolls for you to successfully use their effects. For example, a Druid Hero card may have a roll requirement of HtS-7minus.png meaning that you need to roll 7 or lower top use that effect.