HtS Challenge Card

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Challenge cards can be used to try to stop another player in their tracks. You may play a Challenge card immediately on another player’s turn when that player attempts to play a Hero, Item, or Magic card from their hand to initiate a CHALLENGE. Playing a Challenge card does not cost any action points.

When you CHALLENGE another player, each of you must roll two dice. If your roll is equal to or higher than the other player’s roll, that player must immediately move the card they attempted to play to the discard pile (and that player does not get back an action point). If that player’s roll is higher, they may proceed with playing their card as planned.

Each card can only be challenged once; that means if another player has already challenged the card being played, you may not play a second Challenge card to initiate a second challenge.

Specific Card Rules and Information

  • You can only challenge a card being played not an effect.
  • You cannot challenge modifiers or other challenge cards.
  • Any player that plays a hero, item or magic card MUST give other players the opportunity to respond before continuing. Players cannot just assume the card they played resolves.